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Text Summarization Project

Arabic Text Summarization Model that utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques to generate concise summaries of Arabic text documents. The model is based on advanced deep learning architectures and is designed to handle Arabic language-specific challenges.

Indoor Localization & Indoor Map Reconstruction Project

The objective of the project was to address the challenges associated with indoor navigation, where traditional GPS-based systems are often unreliable or ineffective. By leveraging sensor data, such as Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth beacons, and inertial sensors, we aimed to provide accurate indoor localization capabilities. This project aims to develop a comprehensive solution for accurately localizing individuals within indoor environments and reconstructing detailed maps of those spaces. 

Parallel Tree Project

The Parallel Tree Data Structure project aims to develop an efficient and scalable data structure for parallel computing environments. The project is open for collaboration and welcomes researchers and developers to join in its exploration and development.

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